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Commercial conditions

The 1nd Article:

Company S&K Enterprising Ltd. Located: Račianska 87, 831 02 Bratislava, ID: 45889236, registrated in the Commercial Register of District Court Bratislava I, Section limited liability company, Insert no.: 68077/B, account number: 0634529336/0900 – Slovenská sporiteľňa (Slovak Saving Bank), stock company (hereinafter “Provider”), which delivers meals, beverages and other goods from gastronomic and other catering facilities, declares these General Terms and Conditions. The candidate is a natural or legal person, who orders goods from the Provider.

The 2nd Article:
Process of ordering and delivering

1. Ordering through the Internet
A) The candidate fills the order form through the website en.foodtaxi.sk
B) The provider confirms the order through the e-mail and then sends you another e-mail, where you are supposed to accept or reject your order. The provider informs you about the time of delivery, which is usually less then 45 minutes.
C) The provider delivers your order to your adress and you are supposed to pay for your goods in cash.
D) The final price may differ in the number of delivered packages. For sushi restaurants, this item is not included at all, because orders are often composed of individual client’s requirements.

2. Ordering by phone
A) Candidates can make an order on the phone numbers 0903/446622 or 0905/446688.
B) The provider informs candidates about time of delivery, which usually does not take longer then 45 minutes. Delivery time depends on duration of meal preparation in restaurants and the providers‘ capacity utilization in the time of the order. Any delivery delays provider handles individually.
C) The provider delivers your order to your adress and you are supposed to pay for your goods in cash.

The 3rd Article:
Candidates’ rights and obligations

A)The candidate has the right to the delivery of the goods ordered in accordance with the General Conditions.
B) The candidate has the right to reclamation in accordance with the General Conditions.
C) The candidate has the right to cancel the order in 10 minutes.
D) If the candidate cancel the order after this period, food/goods will be delivered with the cash account just like a normal procedure and the candidate will by required to pay for the order.

The 4th Article:
Providers’ rights and obligations

A) The provider is responsible for respecting hygiene standarts during the transport.
B) The provider is not liable for any material damages that could arise from poor quality restaurants.
C) The provider has the right to defrayment for the ordered services.

The 5th Article:

A) The provider pays the full attention to customers‘ satisfaction and each complaint is recorded and evaluated.
B) The provider cannot check (because of hygiene standarts) quality and other differences in delivering food, which is placed in heat-stabile boxes and prepared by the restaurants.
C) If you have any complaints about food quality and quantity, please call us to these numbers: 0903/446622 or 0905/446688 and we will do our best to resolve your problem.
D) In case of any other factors that could disturb your satisfaction, please contact us during our operating hours on 0903/233207 or on foodtaxi@foodtaxi.sk.
E) If we are not able to solve your complaint immediately, we will contact you at least the next working day.

The 6th Article:
Final clauses

A) The candidates gives an agreement hereby to manipulation, declassification and publication of their personal data according to the Act no. 428/2002 body of law about the safety of personal data, as amended.
B) The provider undertakes not to give these personal data and information to the third parties.
C) Terms and conditions enter into force and také effect on 1.7.2010.
D) The provider is authorized to modify, amend or cancel the Terms and conditions unilateraly, wholly or partly and the candidate is supposed to agree.
E) New Terms and conditions enter into force when the provider publish them on the website en.foodtaxi.sk.
F) We do not execute orders containing alcohol beverages to people younger then 18.